Auditions for New Disney Channel Shows

Published: 15th April 2011
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Most of these people have watched the Disney Channel when they were children and dream about becoming or taking a part as an actor or a performer for the Disney channel. Auditions for the Disney Channel Shows auditions fill an integral role of finding new talent and employees to replace others that have moved onto different endeavors. These Disney Channel Shows auditions are conducted on a fairly regular basis since the market itself demands new employees every few years to be added since the current ones leave, grow up or move on. Along with the fact that the Disney Channel is constantly updating its lineup of shows and bringing new ones to the forefront; this is the cause for most employment turnovers and auditions for the Disney Channel.

Remember to dress appropriately for your Disney Channel Shows audition and that means do not wear your street clothes under any circumstances. Wear something that you would wear out on your first date. Something extremely nice that would feel comfortable being seen in but also that would give you a rather impressive air or turn heads so to speak. In a competition where those who are chosen and those who are not are decided by the little things, a choice of a good outfit can be the difference.

Also be sure to get there early, I would err on the side of caution and show up at least an hour early or more. It may sound extreme but it is as small price to pay considering the alternative would be that you miss your audition and therefore do not get the role. I say this because as always there could be unforeseen circumstances and delays, these are common with auditions and it is a good idea to plan ahead for such possibilities.

Be sure that you know your routine front to back and back to front. This is the reason that you are going to be there in the first place and it would be no good to go to an audition without knowing your routine or stunts to the letter. Also when you are doing your audition speak in a clear convincing voice. Don't shout but be loud enough to be heard. If you make a mistake during your performance do not curse or get upset. Simply ask the director if you make start again and he will let you.

Now, take your time and put you all into your audition and I am sure you will do completely fine. After the audition go home and wait for the Disney Channel to call you about either a call back or about a future roll that they may have for you. Don't be stressed or get stressed out about your audition, worrying does absolutely nothing for you and if anything it just makes you more nervous about your Disney Channel Shows audition. If you are for whatever reason not chosen do not worry or fret and simply try again, many people don't make it there first time out so do not get discouraged.

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