Basics of How Women Should Wear for Auditions

Published: 31st March 2011
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Many a times women appear at the auditions with outfits which they hope will stand out from the rest. But what they donít realize is that these dresses only make them stand out as the most ridiculously dressed. These dresses either leave the judges flabbergasted or laughing every time they remember you.

1) Avoid tight clothes. Hipsters, pedal pushers and tight jeans should be left at the drawer; these clothes can be provoking especially if there are male judges at the panel. Always prefer a dress or a skirt, but donít let the skirt be too short. Any skirt that is above the knees should not be worn to the auditions.

2) Donítí wear baggy clothes. These clothes give you a sloppy appearance which can make the judges think you are a closed type of person. Most judges prefer clothes that show an outgoing personality. Moreover, baggy clothes can put you across as a tom boy which is not the kind of person the judges may be interested in.

3) Avoid fancy hairstyles. The hairstyle you put should not be too expensive or fancy. These may put you across as having a proud attitude. Try as much as possible to avoid a wig because it may fall off as you are performing, or worse still, you may be told to take it off because it doesnít suit the character you are to represent. If you arenít sure about the hairstyle you want; always refer to what other successful female actors do in the movies. Just be sure that the role they represent marches yours.

4) Apply simple make up. You are not sure how the studio will look like; there may be bright lights which may make your skin reflect too much if you apply shiny jelly. Prefer light lipsticks of neutral colors as they march with most situations. Also let the color of your lipstick be the same as the pencil brow. Donít apply different colors for your eyes and brows.

5) Wear shoes that are comfortable. You may be told to move across the stage at a fast pace; and the last thing you want to do is fall down or make too much noise with high heels. Sandals are also not preferable for auditions because they donít show too much character, and they are also ugly. A woman should wear to auditions shoes that are fitting; if the shoes you love are small, buy others. Tight shoes would make you uncomfortable and it would show in your face.

6) Keep your nails short and polished. If you should apply nail color make sure it matches with your clothes and other appliances in your body. Long nails put you across as an unkempt person and can also store dirt underneath.

7) Avoid long earrings and necklace. Studs are the best earrings for women who want to audition. Earrings that are too long may be uncomfortable, and remember as an auditioning actress you want to be as comfortable as possible so that you can give your best performance.

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