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Published: 12th March 2011
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Elite Modeling Agency is one of the most reputable modeling agencies in the world. This agency has been in existence for a long period of time therefore establishing good connections in the fashion industry. Elite Model Management represents some of the world’s most famous and successful models. This agency has four main offices in America located at New York, Los Angeles, Toronto and Miami.

If you want to be represented by Elite modeling agency, you have to someone with a passion for modeling. The agency specifically states that they will only work with people who have a serious interest in modeling. Another eligibility requirement is that, you have to be a female aged between 14-22 years old. Models, who are aged 14 or 25 years old, have to be between 5’7 to 6’0 ft tall. Girls aged between 16-22 years, have to be between 5’9 to 6’0 ft tall. All models under the age of 18 years old have to have parental consent before they can be represented by elite model management.

Elite Modeling Agency searches for talent that is marketable in different areas. These areas include editorial and commercial models. If you think that you have what it takes to work in either of these categories then apply for representation with the agency.

When you go for an open casting call at Elite modeling agency, you have to be very well prepared. If you already have a portfolio, ensure that you get it ready. If you don’t have one, get a few photos taken, they don’t have to be professionally done, snapshots can also be used. A casting call is identical with a job interview so carry your resume with you. Ensure that the resume is brief but it has all the key information, this includes your work experience, academic experience, measurements and your contact details. Ensure that the resume is typed to make it look more presentable and professional. You can also do a cover letter; this doesn’t have to be typed because hand written cover letters are accepted.

Remember, whenever you go to the elite modeling agency for any interviews, always dress in a presentable manner. Avoid wearing sneakers or sportswear. Always ensure that you carry a pair of high heels that you can walk comfortably in. This is because you may be asked to do a catwalk. Avoid wearing excessive make up or elaborate hair extensions that cover your face.

Elite modeling agency clears states that although it can help in the growth of model’s career, it cannot guarantee anyone success. A model has to be hard working in order to get far in the industry. Although, most of the models represented by this agency are very successful, they dint get to the top by sheer luck. They had to work very hard. However, with hard work and dedication, Elite Model Management can help any model get into the business and work her way up and stay on top of their career. For more information about how to become an Elite model, visit the agency’s official website.

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