How to Become a Male Model

Published: 05th March 2011
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Perhaps some times back, if you just told your friends during your childhood `I want to be a model’ they might have laughed out the statement as a joke. This is because for a long time modeling has been viewed as a female profession. However, if you have the `I want to be a male model urge’, there are chances. Male modeling is now available in the realm of reality. Although, even at the moment, the modeling industry is still overwhelmed by female models, male models are still available since there are outfits and other men related things that require to be endorsed by men themselves. The following are some steps you can take to become a male model.

The male modeling career can start between the ages of 18 an 25 years. Many male models are roughly 5’11’’ and above in height. Unlike women, male models can stay in the profession for quite a while. Many of them get out of the profession at the age of 40 and above. It is not necessary for men to be perfect. In case there is a part of the body that is imperfect, there are several tasks that may not require the imperfect part such as eye wears, shoe wear and outfits among others.

The moment `I want to be a model’ urge becomes rife in you, start working to tone up your body. Male models are not required to have bulky bodies like those of bodybuilders but they are expected at least to have a healthy body with some muscles. Take some exercises on daily basis and eat healthy diets if you are to beat this goal.

Moving into a large city is a smart move. Big cities tend to be the centers for modeling profession. You can use the internet phonebooks and local dailies to trace modeling events in different towns. You cannot keep saying `I want to be a male model’ and yet you are not taking any step to attain your goal. Move to the city and start searching for the events and take participate in them.

Make your portfolio. You can find a modeling agency to help you in making the portfolio or you can do it personally. You should also have numerous headshots taken. Have also shots of your other parts of your body. Have numerous photos wearing different kinds of gear such as swimming costume, business suit and sportswear to let clients have a good view of your physique. Have your details behind each of the photos for easy contact by clients who will get impressed by your stature.

Get an agent to manage your clients. The best place you can get agents is when attending open casting calls. There are several of them who attend the events. There are some modeling agents who hold mini casting roles in local areas as they are hunting for talent. You can easily get a task from any of them. However, ensure to investigate the legitimacy of the firm you are dealing with.

The moment you decide to be a male model, be ready to face rejection. Even some of the op male models are often rejected by agents but that should not make you quit your efforts.

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