How to Get Auditions for Modeling

Published: 01st April 2011
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Modeling is a career path that many people fancy; most people want to be on bill boards, television and have as many people as possible recognize them. But one thing you shouldn’t ignore if you are to be a successful model is your appearance. I’ll take you through a few hints that may put you across as a serious up coming model before the judges and also agents then later discuss a few avenues you can secure modeling auditions:

1. Always have a smile on your face. It’s the simplest and yet the most important thing a model should always have; but then you don’t want to overdo it. Too much smiling can also mean that you are nervous and the judges are also keen on this. Furthermore, your smile should not be too wide such that one can even see your molars. A smile like this disfigures your face and brings out and impression that you are faking it, judges would also pick up on that. The last thing you should do is to frown at the auditions; in doing s, you will come out as not interested in the auditions. The question most judges ask frowners is "What did you come to do here if you are not interested? Just go back home!"

2. Measure up to the specifications required. Most modeling agencies usually have specific descriptions of who their ideal model should be. If you don’t fit in, it is better to look for another agency in which you may fit; it is advisable not to show up for auditions that don’t fit your personality because you may end up embarrassing yourself.

There are two main channels in which one can book for modeling auditions, and it is solely up to the aspiring model to choose which way he will go. They include the following:

i. Modeling agents. These are the ones who would represent you before the organization and their work is to find you a job in the modeling industry. They work in such a way that they receive a commission from you when you manage to secure a modeling career. It is advisable to first look for one before availing yourself before the panel. This is mainly due to factors such as the fact that they usually train the models on details needed to pass the panel test by providing them with a chance to foreplay their abilities in events such as photo shoots and run way walks. In legal cases, they may use their lawyers to represent you in court proceedings. Since they handle all the commercial side of your job, they’ll leave you with all the time you require to focus on nothing else but becoming a better model by practicing, researching, networking and so on. On the contrary, there are many false modeling agencies out there that are out to take your money. Some of the indicators you should look for before falling prey to them include demanding up front payment to guarantee you special attention as opposed to other aspiring models. This is unethical as it is bribery, an act that can lock out deserving contestants. Secondly, you may get too many promises that just don’t sound right. Modeling agencies are in business and their agenda is to attract as many people as possible; they will therefore try all means necessary to woo potential models with talks like they will get you a contract immediately, they are connected with the worlds’ largest model organizations and all their models have made it in the fashion world. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t.

ii. Online application. Some organizations require aspirants to fill out some forms on their websites; and then send them back together with photos and résumés. One advantage of online application is that it saves time which one could have wasted searching for good agents. On the other hand, you should be careful who you give your personal information to, especially if it is via the internet.

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