Kids' Auditions for TV Advert

Published: 01st April 2011
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The advertisement world has indeed come a long way. Long ago kids werenít allowed to appear on TV; leave alone commercials. Nowadays, there are a lot of products in the market that specifically target children; and in order for them to sell kids just have to be convinced that they are the best products for them. Such that when the kidís parents visit a supermarket they would prefer to buy the same products their kids showed them in TV. To be convincing to this particular age group, companies use fellow children to appear in adverts. Mostly, these kids appear on screen after permission from their parents. Before you present your kid to audition for a TV advert, the following are some of the things you should consider:

1) Does your kid really want to do this? Even if you are broke and in need of some quick cash, never do the mistake of using your child to get money by presenting the kid to audition for a TV advert. Most parents present their children to audition only after the kids have willingly accepted to do so. Another point to consider is that your kid doesnít have the capacity to make wise choices; as a parent, explain to the kid both the pros and cons of the child auditioning for TV. After he/she has understood this, then a go ahead can be allowed.

2) Comply with legal procedures. Remember that kids, even your own, form part of the minority group in the society. Most states donít allow children below a certain age to do TV adverts as this is viewed as child labor; and the penalties may be stiff. Also, there are guidelines that separate the ads kids can do and those ones left for adults. For example, alcohol adverts are not recommended for persons below the age of eighteen.

3) Another factor you should look into is your childís self confidence. Most kids tend to be helpless and only cling to their parents. Invest in helping your child develop trust in other people whoíll be working with him/her at the auditions. This will save you from embarrassment of the kid trying to bite strangers or crying excessively. Remember, once your kid develops poise and self confidence, they can last with him/her for a lifetime.

4) Give your kid constant reassurance. The love and support you show to your kid would serve to boost the kidsí self esteem as he/she prepares to audition. Words like "I know you can do it" or "you were meant for this" can help a lot in preparing the kid for the TV advert.

5) Manage your kidís income wisely. Remember that itís the kidís money and not yours; so donít go around wasting it in bars or throwing unnecessary parties. You can save it in the bank and later use it to fund the childís college education. Or use it to look for better roles your child can feature in other adverts.

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