Published: 21st March 2011
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Sore throat is a common physical symptom usually caused by acute pharyngitis or throat inflammation.. Having a sore throat has always been a discomforting thing that is accompanied by scratchiness and pain inside the throat. This problem of the Sore throat can be a major sign of whichever disease like pharynx around the tonsils. It is caused by viral and bacterial infections. Sore throat is common to people who are about to suffer a cold or a fever. There are other numerous factors which might produce a one sided sore throat, abscess is one of the forms included, either on one side of the throat or on tonsil; swollen glands; or lymph nodes that have been inflamed. Strep throat may occur due to a type of infection called streptococcal bacteria, that often produces a sore throat that is only one area.

In young children, lymphoid tissues are very sensitive and can become greatly enlarged even after a simple infection or cold. Sore throat can swell up not only from bacterial infections but also from allergies and acid reflux.

Sore throat on one side does not always occur due to inflammation of the lymph nodes only or swollen glands; it might also occur due to other reasons which include:

* Vocalizing excessively

* Singing

* Shouting

* Common cold

* Excessive drinking of alcohol, cold drinks

* Dental issues e.g an impacted tooth.

* Breathing through the mouth

* Common cold

* Foreign substances struck around or inside the throat (bones of fish)

* Endotracheal intubation

A type of infection caused by the streptococcal bacteria may cause strep throat, often producing a sore throat localized to one side. This condition needs to be treated with antibiotics to eradicate the bacteria. Moderate to high fever may be an accompanying symptom.

Symptoms of Sore throat on One Side

The most common symptoms likely to diagnose one sided sore throat can be:

* Your throat hurts

* Your neck glands hurt

* Fever

* Lack of enough sleep

* Swallowing difficulties

* Pus or white patches inside the throat

* Severe headache.

* Nausea

* Vomiting

* Skin rash

In some cases pain spreads towards the ear and some people suffer from swollen lymph nodes under the jaw or the ear

How to treat a sore throat

Sore throat can be treated both domestically and in hospitals depending on the stages in which it is in and also the financial status of the patient. The most common ways of treating sore throats at home include, gargling salt water, sprays for example chloraseptic and lozenges. These provide temporary relief but at the same time are harmful to children; since they are a choking hazard hence one should avoid their use to children. There are also natural ways to treat a sore throat apart from the above mentioned method which are very popular, they include apple cider vinegar. Vinegar has a very high acidity level that makes it a great anti-bacterial agent. The apple cider vinegar can be swallowed plain but it has an extremely unpleasant taste so adding honey to it is a very effective way of dulling the taste. Cayenne pepper is also another ingredient that can help kill bacteria and get rid of a sore throat. The type of sore throat that is mainly treated in hospitals is called the strep throat; one is usually prescribed medication by doctors or pharmacists and after taking them for a while you feel better.

However, the best and most important precaution to take is to visit you ENT doctor and get proper and early diagnosis for sore throat on one side.

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