Tips for Disney Channel Auditions

Published: 21st March 2011
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The Disney channel is a brand that broadcasts worldwide. For this reason, it is internationally recognized. Once you start off with a career with Disney, chances are you will be a household name internationally! This makes the competition absolutely fierce for a position in Disney. The roles you can play at Disney also vary so this should make your chances a tad better considering you could choose to audition for a role as a voice artiste, a TV show host, an actor or even a singer! The list is endless. Whatever role you decide to audition for, there are several tips and tricks that can observed across the board.

Always maintain a level of professionalism during any audition. Disney may be a brand that appeals to children but do not forget that it is a business. Run by adults. For this reason, you need to be as professional as possible. You should have all your documents in order so that you do not appear confused, the main documents you will need are your resume and your headshots. If you have no experience for the job you are auditioning for, do not worry. Your resume should reflect your personality and what it will bring to that position. If you are younger than eighteen years, ensure that your parents have gotten you a social security number and a child's work permit. If you forget to do this, there is usually a social worker on set to help you fill out these in case you are selected.

Working for Disney will entail that you become an ambassador for the brand. Disney depicts a cheery demeanor so this is how you will be expected to be. Be pleasant to everybody. Make sure you smile and that you take instructions in stride. Do not overdo it. If you start pretending, the casting crew will be able to tell that your warmth is not genuine and this could ruin your chances at the audition. If the casting director keeps asking you to repeat something, do it without question. Remember that you are there to please them so that they may select you. When you are finished with your audition, be sure to thank the casting crew for their time. The more genuinely personable you are, the higher the chances that you will make an impression on the casting directors. If the casting director remembers you, they could call you for a different audition in case you miss the role you were auditioning for. So do not take a friendly demeanor for granted.

Whatever you are auditioning for, make sure your audition is fraught with emotion. Do not just read lines you are given or sing off lyrics. You should genuinely understand what is required of you and inject the appropriate amount of emotion into your performance. Your ability to sell the audition to the casting directors through emotion is what will make your delivery stand out.

Lastly, do not give up if you do not nail that particular audition. Keep at it until you succeed.

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