Types of Auditions

Published: 01st April 2011
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The main purpose of auditions is to identify and support new talent. However, there are various types of auditions and each suits specific talent specializations. The most common categories of auditions are open, private, recall and screen tests amongst others. Here are a few of the characteristics that each of these auditions consist of:

1. Screen test auditions. Here, contestants shoot their best videos and present them to the panel for consideration. Depending on the type of company or the procedures guiding its operations, some of these videos may either be trashed or stored in the archives. Most often, the best videos are the ones which find their way to the archives. This is done so that the company can always refer to them when they want to maintain or improve their standards. This type of audition is particularly common in movie and TV shows. In the motion picture industry, screen test videos may find their way into the public domain; particularly, in the form of movie trailers. This type of audition can also be used to assess the compatibility of various actors in case a scene requires two or more people; for example, a love scene.

2. Open auditions. Here, the organization calls anybody to present their talents in a common ground. Sometimes there may be restrictions on the amount of people who are allowed to show up at the auditions; for example, they may only be willing to take the first 500 contestants on a first come first serve basis. Open auditions usually get crowded; therefore prepare to queue for long hours and also receive limited time to show off what you have. Beware of pick pockets and stampedes; you may also want to carry an umbrella as it may get rainy.

3. Private auditions. As the name suggests, this type of audition is exclusive to particular individuals; and attendance is only by invitation. The panel may strictly be interested in members of a particular club or school. Most private auditions tend to be expensive and are held at extravagant sites. Also, the number of people who are involved in this type of audition tends to be few; for example, one top model may choose to conduct an audition to identify and support someone who would follow in his/her footsteps. Private auditions mostly remain hidden; they don’t prefer the limelight of TV, internet or any other broadcasting platform.

4. Recall auditions. This type of audition is done the second time around. After other undeserving contestants have been eliminated, the few that remain are called back to audition a second time so that the best of them all finally take the prize. Remember, you have not yet secured a contract and the stakes have only been raised higher. You are now competing with the best of the best so you have to put even more effort. The fact that you have been considered for recall means the judges are interested in something they’ve seen in you. Identify and maximize on it.

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